Yoga for beginners

I wanted to try yoga forever.

Feelings of “Not Being Good Enough”. You’re not alone. Yoga for many beginners, deciding to attend a yoga class for the first time can be overwhelming. The thought of sitting on a mat during the first few quiet minutes of class can feel overwhelming.
I’m just not flexible enough…..
Yoga is Not what you see on Instagram and Facebook feeds. Your body will move and fold into place. If you are having doubts not being flexible enough or strong enough. But, the question you should ask yourself is “flexible or strong enough” compared to who? Yoga is not about how good or bad you are at the postures. Or how well you can switch off your busy mind to complete a 10 or 15 minute relaxation. Yoga should be about finding time for yourself. Treating your body with self-love and exploration. It isn’t about achieving the perfect pose, it isn’t about being able to touch your toes, it is about finding inner peace. You should appreciate that every body is different and perfect all at the same time. How your body moves, bends, flexes and supports itself is unique to you. Your focus should be improving all aspects of your practice for yourself. Yoga is not about comparing yourself to anyone else. Consider ‘Perfection’ should as being defined as the “perfect version of you”, and no-one else.

Its okay to shop around….

Sometimes finding the right class and instructor can take time. You should feel comfortable and at ease by the end of the first class. Know that not every form of yoga or every style of instruction will be right for you. So keep looking, keep testing and keep going. ; Go Slow, don’t worry too much about keeping up with everyone else. Move at your own pace, progress when it feels comfortable. Don’t be afraid to share with your instructor your concerns and fears before the class starts.
A good instructor will always do their best to put you at ease. YOGA is best performed with a smile on your dial. As I often say in my classes “it’s not rocket science”. Have fun with it, embrace it and take the time to listen to your body and get in-tune with your inner self.
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See you on the mat!