REDLAND CITY BOXING, Fitness & Yoga

    Our focus is “Boxing Fitness 4 Everyone”. We offer a wide variety of high and low intensity classes for everyone of all genders and all ages.


    Get in shape now.

    Boxing & Fitness for Everyone – train by yourself, or with the Fam-Bam!

    #1 Training Club in the Redlands.

    Old-School Fitness Workouts.

    We don’t Discriminate.

    All Genders, Ages and Abilities are Welcomed!

    What are you waiting for?

    Redland City Boxing is the home of Australia’s only Box ‘n’ Balance Class.

    We don’t just teach you a fitness workout, we show you how to defend yourself if a situation arises.

    Small group fitness classes that we all have fun in!

    Social Distancing
    Improve your health
    Grow Stronger
    Eat healthy
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    6 Days

    a week
    Sunday = Rest Day!