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    Sometimes all we need is a little more support.


    Sticking to a fitness schedule can give you an incentive to follow through and is the best way to achieve your goals.


    Have the freedom to create your own workout schedule.

    Personal Training

    Your personal trainer is much more than just a fitness coach.

    They are there to help improve your fitness, but they also care about your well-being.

    Don’t let intimidation hold you back!

    The benefits of personal training outweigh your fears by a long shot and can really help you achieve your goals.

    Book in with Brent or Julie today and get started on your fitness journey.

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    Improve your health
    Grow Stronger
    Eat healthy
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    What is Personal Training?

    Personal Training is a one-on-one health and fitness personal training session to help you reach your goals quicker.  

    Our training philosophy is targeted towards non-scale goals as we believe that a life-time commitment to health and wellbeing cannot be driven by a number on a scale.

    How does it help me?

    It makes you, the Client our centre of attention, we will explore your health and fitness goals, dreams and aspirations.

    We will get you on track and hopefully set up habits that will last you a lifetime and motivate you to be and do your best.

    How will I feel?

    It will hurt, oh boy you will feel the burn and the pain (more than likely…in a good way), but this means you are on your journey to a better, stronger you!

    You will experience the pleasure with the pain when you realise your goals.

    You’re training with a dedicated coach who is there for one reason – YOU!

    How long is the session?

    All training sessions start are 30 minutes long, however, longer sessions can be requested and price available on application.

    Do you want faster and better results?  

    Personal Training delivered one-on-one and in 30min exercise sessions, are designed to get the most out of your time.  

    If you’re short on time, struggling with motivation or just have no idea where to start your fitness journey; this is the start.

    Personal Yoga Coaching

    yoga coach

    What is Yoga Coaching?

    Yoga coaching is a dedicated session of exercises or asanas in combination designed to help improve the way your body moves and recovers. Joining together the breathe with movement, yoga can be varied to include gentle stretching to active flowing sequences.

    There is no secret that moving more helps us to be fitter and healthier, but if you are new to exercise or recovering from an injury, a one-on-one or small group yoga session could be the perfect starting point.

    The many benefits of yoga include:

    • Reduction in stress
    • Mood booster
    • Increased energy
    • Improved memory & self-confidence

    So if you are new to yoga or just want to improve your asanas, reduce stress or become super flexible, sign up now for yoga coaching.  With yoga being practiced for over 5000 years, it must be doing something right for a lot of people. So sign up now and see what all the fuss is about.

    What can it do for me?

    Yoga can benefit the body and mind in so many ways, and is also the perfect recovering tool for sports such as boxing, running and body-building.  

    The practice of yoga can improve flexibility, strength and posture and will also tone muscles.

    How will I feel?

    With regular yoga practice you still start to feel improvements in flexibility, strength and posture.  

    Yoga releases hormones essential to cultivating happiness, health and feelings of calmness.

    How long is the session?

    A 1-on-1 personal coaching session will last 30 minutes. Longer sessions can be requested and price available on application.

    For small groups, allow 45 minutes per session

    Yoga’s postures and sequencing are to heal the body, sooth the mind and encourage you to be present and give half an hour to yourself.

    Dare to be self-indulgent.

    Yoga improves your balance, strength, flexibility and helps to tone and elongate the muscles.

    It allows the body to stretch, twist & turn and rewards you with a grounded and calm mindset.

    Personal Boxing Coaching

    personal boxing

    What is Boxing Coaching?

    Feeling slightly overwhelmed in class?

    New to boxing and feeling like you could really do with some personal coaching?

    Brent is available to teach proper technique and skills.

    It doesn’t matter whether your goals are to get fit, learn something new or just feel more confident in classes. Brent will make sure that your execution and form is of a high standard.


    Wanting to have a crack in the ring?

    Redland City Boxing is accredited with Boxing Queensland and have a number of Level 1 certified coaches that can corner for you throughout the year.

    Acquiring a new skill takes time but we guarantee that you will get satisfaction from your progress.

    All sessions are supervised and conducted in a controlled environment.  We cater to all levels from beginner to advanced.

    What does it do?

    Personal 1-on-1 Boxing will teach you proper technique and skills to be able to defend yourself if (heaven forbid) you are caught in a situation.

    Learn professional boxing skills, while getting fit.

    How will I feel?

    You will hurt, more than likely…in a good way!

    Let’s face it though, you are there to train, and train hard. Smash those goals, release that frustration.

    Brent is a trained, dedicated coach who is there for one reason – YOU!

    How long is the session?

    All training sessions start are 30 minutes long, however, longer sessions can be requested and price available on application.

    Time will go fast and be over before you know it.

    Personal Boxing Coaching delivered one-on-one and in either 30 minute exercise sessions.

    Designed to get the most out of your time and focuses on correcting technique as well as fitness.

    If you’re short on time, struggling with motivation, love boxing and releasing those endorphins, then start here!

    Join our Fit-Fam Now!

    A personal trainer can help you overcome your obstacles and take you to new heights on your fitness journey.

    It’s easy to get bored with your fitness routine. A personal trainer will challenge you and take you to the next level.

    No two workout days will be the same, making each day fun and new.

    We will coach, push, and motivate you more than you may be able to yourself.

    6 Days

    a week
    Sunday = Rest Day!

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