REDLAND CITY BOXING, Fitness & Yoga

    Free 5 Day Pass

    Our focus is “Boxing Fitness 4 Everyone”. We offer a wide variety of high and low intensity classes for everyone of all genders and all ages.


    Get in shape now.

    Boxing & Fitness for Everyone – train by yourself, or with the Fam-Bam!

    #1 Training Club in the Redlands.

    Old-School Fitness Workouts.

    We don’t Discriminate.

    All Genders, Ages and Abilities are Welcomed!

    Put our club to the test with our 5 Day free pass offer

    New Members only

    Boxing AMPED

    Box & Balance


    Mums & Bubs

    Yoga Flow

    PB – 45

    What are you waiting for?

    Redland City Boxing is the home of Australia’s only Box ‘n’ Balance Class.

    We don’t just teach you a fitness workout, we show you how to defend yourself if a situation arises.

    Small group fitness classes that we all have fun in!

    Social Distancing
    Improve your health
    Grow Stronger
    Eat healthy
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    6 Days

    a week
    Sunday = Rest Day!

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